EPA Just Made Rural America More Vulnerable to Wildfires

For decades, rural fire departments have been able to buy surplus vehicles from the US military. Obama’s EPA has ended that.

An agreement between the Department of Defense and the Environmental Protection Agency, aimed at reducing emissions, will stop the sale of defense vehicles that don’t meet the EPA’s emission standards, the [Oklahoma] state forestry service reports.

“This action will ultimately result in increased exposure of communities to loss of life and property associated with wildfire, as well as increased fire suppression costs,” said George Geissler, state forester and director for Oklahoma Forestry Services. “The greenhouse gas emissions associated with the vehicles are marginal at best compared to emissions of an uncontrolled wildfire.”


Good point, about the emissions. Wildfires have very large carbon footprints. They also burn people, homes, and businesses. And trees. Surely the EPA cares about trees.

Rural fire departments depend on volunteers to fight fires, donations to fund their gear and infrastructure, and a federal government that isn’t run by destructive idiots.



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