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Veteran Finally Gets His VA Doctor Appointment. Two Years After He Died.

I suppose the post title is a bit of a spoiler. It’s hard to go the Upworthy vague headline route when we have what amounts to a death machine overseeing what is supposed to be veterans’ healthcare.

ACTON (CBS) – “He was steadfast. He took care of us, all of these years.”

Suzanne Chase of Acton was talking about her husband, Doug, a Vietnam veteran who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2011.

In 2012, she tried to move his medical care to the Veterans Affairs hospital in Bedford.

“It was so difficult for him to take the ambulance ride into Boston, we wanted to be closer.”

They waited about four months and never heard anything. Then Douglas Chase died in August 2012.

But two weeks ago, he got a letter, from the VA in Bedford, saying he could now call to make an appointment to see a primary care doctor.

As you can imagine, his widow wasn’t happy to see the Veterans Administration finally get around to granting him an appointment. It’s a bit late for that.

Reminder: Progressives really like the VA and tout it as a single payer healthcare model for everyone else. So they get control over who lives and dies, one supposes.