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No Matter How Good A Troll You Think You Are, You Cannot Troll Like SCOTUSBlog Trolls Dumb Progressives

SCOTUSBlog is not affiliated with the United States Supreme Court. It’s an independent blog that reports on the court’s decisions.

Progressives have had ample time to find this out, and it’s not hard to, as SCOTUSBlog spells out its independence in plain language right on its front page — it’s the “Sponsored by Bloomberg Law” part. It’s also on their Twitter page: “A private blog about the Supreme Court of the U.S.”

Can’t get much clearer than that.

Many progressives clearly have not looked into that. Maybe they’re just blind with rage that SCOTUS — not SCOTUSBlog — ruled in favor of private property and religious freedom rights. Maybe their totalitarian instincts don’t allow for contrary facts to get in the way. Whatever is the case, as progressives keep heaping abuse on SCOTUSBlog for SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby decision, SCOTUSBlog just keeps trolling away.

This is some world class trolling.

Keep it up, progs. SCOTUSBlog’s trolling tweets are a tonic in what’s shaping up to be a miserable summer in politics.