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GOP Hopeful Challenging Primary Results, Claims Winner Really a Body Double

From Oklahoma’s 3rd Congressional District comes one of the most creative challenges to primary results — a candidate who claims the victor is really another man.

Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Okla.) easily fended off two challengers on Tuesday, pulling in 82.8 percent of the vote versus Timothy Ray Murray, with 5.2 percent of the vote, and Robert Hubbard with 12 percent.

Murray, who ran against Lucas as a Democrat in 2012 and lost with just 20 percent of the vote, isn’t going down without a fight.

From Murray’s campaign:

The election for U.S. House for Oklahoma’s 3rd District will be contested by the Candidate, Timothy Ray Murray. I will be stating that his votes are switched with Rep. Lucas votes, because it is widely known Rep. Frank D. Lucas is no longer alive and has been displayed by a look alike. Rep. Lucas’ look alike was depicted as sentenced on a white stage in southern Ukraine on or about
Jan. 11, 2011.

This is a situation similar to the Senators’ from Kentucky situation in the 2012 election. I am contesting that this matter has happen since his election was blocked, because of the U.S. Defense Department’s use of Mr. Murray’s DNA. To my knowledge, the U.S. Defense Department has not released to the public that information, as it is their confidential information about many people. Congress is likely wanting me to state that all my DNA used will not result in benefits to people I have never had relations with of a family nature. I have been bound to protect that information unless it causes harm to The People.

The contest of election and or petition will be correctly filed with county election boards and with federal offices. I, Hon. Mr. Timothy Ray Murray, fully meet all Constitutional, Federal and Oklahoma requirements for election and for holding Office if the voters’ results show that is the case.

Rep. Lucas’ body double proved to be quite a skilled campaigner: