Who is Launching Airstrikes in Iraq?

Tuesday there were rumors that someone was launching airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq. The US government denied having anything to do with it.

The AP reports that it’s Syria that’s doing the work that Americans won’t do.


U.S. officials say there are indications that Syria launched airstrikes into western Iraq Tuesday in an attempt to slow the al-Qaida-inspired insurgency fighting both the Syrian and Iraqi governments.

Officials said the strikes appeared to be the work of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government, which is locked in a bloody civil war with opposition groups. The target of the attacks was the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which has been fighting along with the rebels opposed to Assad and has since moved swiftly across the border into Iraq.

The White House said intervention by Syria was not the way to stem the insurgents, who have taken control of several cities in northern and western Iraq.

Iraq is getting help from Iran on the ground, and Syria in the air. Eh, I’m sure the mullah-Assad alliance will work things out for the best in Baghdad…


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