O'Reilly Attacks Conservative to Blow a Big Wet Kiss to Hillary Clinton

Watch this video. Jason Mattera does what he does best — putting the likes of poor ol’ Hillary Clinton in a bind. She was dead broke after she and her husband were the most powerful couple on the planet, dontcha know. If you don’t count the $8,000,000 book deal then, and her $200,000 fee per vacuous speech now. And the sweetheart mortgage arranged by her fixer, Terry McAuliffe. Who is now the governor of Virginia.


You get what Jason is doing there, right? He got a little rise out of Hillary Clinton by piercing her protective cocoon, while also pointing out something very important: Hillary Clinton walks around American shopping malls surrounded by more security than she allowed her “friend” Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, Libya — a terrorist haven. Hillary Clinton has a body person. Chris Stevens’ body was carried around by fanatics.

Our so-called leaders deserve to be put on the spot. Especially when their decisions get people killed, and even more when they devise a lie to try to cover their decisions up. Even more, when they attack our rights to deflect blame for their dishonesty and incompetence, while they’re covering for our enemies. And even more, when they set up phony “Accountability” Review Boards to dodge accountability for good. Then they write dishonest books to turn their misdeeds into “old news” so they can grasp for even more power.

Bill O’Reilly has a different opinion. He used his bully pulpit on Fox News tonight to lash out at Mattera.



Here’s the deal. O’Reilly wants to have Hillary Clinton on his show sometime between now and when she inevitably announces that she’s running for president. Ideally, O’Reilly would like to have her make that announcement on his show. Fox is the most trusted name in news. O’Reilly still pulls in the ratings. O’Reilly + Hillary would be quite an event.

He’ll do just about anything to make that happen. If it means tossing a solid conservative who gets under powerful people’s skin under the Clinton bus, well, Bill’s gotta do what Bill’s gotta do. Pucker up!

Whatever you do, make sure you do it live, Mr. O’Reilly.


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