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Wendy Davis Promotes Her Abortion Party with a New York Phone Bank

Tomorrow is the anniversary — can’t really use “birthday” in this context —  of the filibuster that took Wendy Davis from the Democrat back-bench to the Texas Democrats’ nomination for governor.

Davis is celebrating her failed attempt to block a majority-supported law that upgrades health standards in clinics with a party, and is having to give away tickets to it. Even Davis’ Democrats don’t want to fork over $20 to celebrate late-term abortion and substandard clinics.

Is Davis having trouble getting Texans to help her promote the party?

If this post is any hint, yes, she is.



I’ve blacked out the street address and phone numbers. They’re all in New York, where the majority of Davis’ supporters seem to be.

Do Texans — in Austin, no less — really need New Yorkers to “notify as many Texans as possible” of the chance to “celebrate” Davis’ filibuster?