Texas Democrat Wendy Davis Just Flip-Flopped on Border Security

Texas Democrat gov hopeful Wendy Davis has come out today with a strong statement of support for beefing up security with a “surge.” Gov. Rick Perry and other state leaders announced the surge last week to keep up with the flood of Central American illegal aliens at the Texas-Mexico border. The surge will cost Texans $1.3 million a week do to a job that the Obama administration won’t do.


Davis, today:

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis is asking Gov. Rick Perry to declare a state of emergency along Texas’ border with Mexico to ‘assist overwhelmed local communities.’ In a letter Monday, the Fort Worth state senator says doing so will alleviate pressure on federal authorities.

Davis added that she supports Perry’s decision on the surge, calling it a “solid step.” But she wants even more, including a special legislative session to deal with it.

The situation is untenable. Federal border agents and facilities are overwhelmed trying to address this human crisis instead of focusing on their first priority to secure our border from drug smugglers, human traffickers and terrorists. You took a solid step, which I support, to address that by increasing support to the Department of Public Safety to help along the border.

That’s a distinct change in tune.

Wendy Davis, in February, according to the San Antonio Express-News:

Attorney General Greg Abbott on Tuesday unveiled a border security plan that would send an additional 500 Department of Public Safety troopers to the region, boost funding for public corruption investigations involving drug cartels and require all state agencies to use E-Verify when hiring workers. … The proposal drew immediate criticism from the campaign of his likely Democratic gubernatorial foe, state Sen. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth. A Davis campaign spokeswoman said the border plan was an affront to immigrants and the border region.


Abbott was ahead of the curve on the border crisis. Wendy Davis denounced him for that, making a fake race issue of it along the way.

This is the price of being in enraged attack mode 24/7, as Davis’ campaign with its Harry Reid henchman have been. Sometimes you end up attacking yourself.


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