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Obama Claims That the Growing US Economy Has Created Nearly 10 New Jobs!

Summer of recovery! Let’s celebrate the creation of nearly but not quite 9.4 new jobs in the last 51 months.

The president addressed a White House summit on working families; that’s what the above slip of the prompter is from.

In the same address, he bemoaned the fact that it’s getting harder and harder for families to pay the bills. But not once did he address the role of regulations in making life more expensive.

In fact, Obama promised/threatened to impose even more regulations unilaterally. Such as raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, which increases costs to the government, which will have to be paid for either by raising taxes or the nation takin more debt. Or both.

Why, it’s almost as if the man at the podium there really just talks for applause and has no clue how businesses work.