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Everything Is Awesome with Obama

The reason why you think that President Obama is having a bad year is due, merely, to the ignorance of the “fickle” public, the obstinance of uncompromising Republicans, the cowardice of Liberals and the nattering nabobs of negativism in the news media.

Contrary to you, and all of them, Obama’s actually “looking like a very consequential president indeed” who’s having a “seriously good year” thanks to health care reform which is making “major progress” and “looking like a big success story,” not to mention that the president is “showing some real passion” on climate change and has the Wall Street boys shaking in their shoes over financial reform.

In fact Obama’s only problems are that he’s tried too hard to compromise with Republicans and “centrists,” and wasted time attempting to run a fiscally-responsible government.

Thus saith Paul Krugman in the New York Times, where he gushes like a … well, like a New York Times columnist over the president who said “Yes, we can” and then did it.

I carved my niche on the internet writing news satire, but I have met my match.