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Wanna Babysit Some Illegal Aliens? Then Uncle O Has a Job for You!

Some of the estimated 50,000 illegal aliens who are being held on the Texas-Mexico border will get shipped as far north as Baltimore, Maryland. They will be housed in a vacant Social Security building there. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Democrat, doesn’t like that option, though. She wants churches to take them in. I thought Democrats wanted the government to take over all charity work…

The Obama administration has another idea. It wants you, dear American who has already ponied up $2 billion to house the illegal aliens at the border and on three military bases in southern states, to come down to the border and pitch in.

WASHINGTON — Uncle Sam is putting out an urgent call for a platoon of baby sitters who can help deal with the crushing influx of children illegally crossing the border.

With thousands of unaccompanied children making the dangerous trek into the United States from Central America through Mexico, the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection is looking to bring in temporary workers to help process them.

The bureau is seeking workers with training in emergency medicine and non-emergency health care, “child care or juvenile teaching and/or counseling,” according to a June agency memo.

Battleground Texas is fighting a losing cause for Wendy Davis. They should abandon that and volunteer for babysitting duty. But they would just illegally register as many of the visitors as possible to vote. So maybe that isn’t such a good idea.

What’s happening on the border right now is cruel, and it is inhumane, but not in the way that the left would portray it. It’s cruel to attract people into making an incredibly dangerous journey across a war zone.

President Obama could turn the flood off, right now, if he wanted to. He could save lives and he could save the American taxpayer a lot of money.

These people, many of them unaccompanied kids, are flooding up from Central America to the United States for one reason. They believe that the current American government will not enforce our immigration laws. They believe that because it’s being reported in their local media. And because we actually have become terrible at enforcing our immigration laws. President Obama has rewritten that law on the fly, expressly to allow children who were brought here illegally to stay here and receive benefits.

Those kids didn’t make the choice to come here, I’m not going to get into that argument. Let’s deal with the kids who are stuck on the border right now, and the other kids who might start out on that hazardous journey.

Obama could stop the flood right now just by sitting and reading a brief script in front of a camera. That script would urge people not to make the dangerous, life-threatening trek across war-torn Mexico to get here, because there is nothing for them here even if they survive that trek. It would tell parents that the journey is too dangerous, and it’s pointless. We will enforce our laws. You will be turned back. We will not reunite you with family here, we will not pay to send you back to wherever you came from. You will be stuck. So don’t make the trip at all.

I know that that sounds hard. But what’s worse, that, or being silent, knowing that some people, undoubtedly some kids, are dying on the dangerous trip to get to the US-Mexico border?

After Obama sits for the shoot, the government puts the video on YouTube. Obama knows all about YouTube. He blames terrorist attacks on it. He’s very familiar with its power.

So you put the video on YouTube. Do what Obama and Hillary did after Benghazi — pay the media in targeted countries to broadcast the video as a PSA. That would cost a pittance compared to the $2 billion we will spend on the people, many of them kids, who are already here.

It would save lives. It would save money. We wouldn’t be shipping kids to live in an abandoned Social Security building in Baltimore.

Why won’t Obama do this?