Leftists Apoplectic Over Koch Bros. Donation to United Negro College Fund

Our friends over The Daily Caller have compiled left-wing Twitter outrage over a $25 million donation from the infamous Koch Brothers to the United Negro College Fund. Eric Owens writes:


Marybeth Gasman, a higher education professor at the University of Pennsylvania claimed that the UNCF – a charitable organization dedicated to helping black people get college degrees – is “wrong” to accept this particular $25 million to help black people get college degrees, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Gasman bellowed that Koch organizations have been “deeply affiliated with the Tea Party.” She alleges that Tea Party leaders want to weaken the political interests of black Americans.

As a black man operating within and alongside the Tea Party since 2009, I can speak to the movement’s agenda for black Americans. It involves a lot of freedom to do what we want, with whomever we want, on whatever terms we agree to. The Tea Party agenda includes such dastardly highlights as free association, true tolerance, security in person and property, and an unfettered pursuit of something called “happiness.” Don’t trust it!


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This story stands as evidence that the political left holds no genuine concern for the well-being of black Americans, or any other minority group. Professor Gasman would rather see the 3,000 students who will be helped by the Koch Brothers donation go without scholarships than have her preferred political narrative discredited.


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