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Illegal Border Crossers Bringing Staph, Other Infectious Diseases into the US

ABC15 in Arizona reports that the rash of illegal aliens crossing the border into Texas are bringing rashes and other diseases with them. The story quotes Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera saying “The average person doesn’t realize what’s going on down here.” Cabrera says that the illegal border crossers, who have been attracted to slip into the United States illegally by messages being broadcast in their home countries that say now is the time to cross because the US will take care of them, are bringing a crop of new contagious infectious diseases with them. He says that there has already been an outbreak of scabies in the McAllen, TX facility that is holding the illegal border crossers. Chicken pox, staph and other infectious diseases have been detected among the crossers.

Hundreds of people are now illegally crossing into the US border states every day.