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VIDEO: SIX of Bergdahl's Platoon Mates Speak Out Together

Fox’s Megyn Kelly interviewed six members of the 30-man base that Bowe Bergdahl left behind in Afghanistan in June 2009. These six were all in Bergdahl’s platoon, two were his leaders and one was his roommate. They knew him well.


Kelly gets right into action, asking the men if they believe that Bergdahl “deserted.” Kelly specifically used that word — “deserted.”

All six raise their hands, answering yes, he deserted. All six.

Bergdahl’s former team leader, Evan Buetow, re-iterates his accusation that Bergdahl sought an English-speaker after he disappeared, so that he could talk with the Taliban. All six members agreed that whhatever his motive for leaving, they all would have done everything they could to get him back. Searches for Bergdahl began shortly after he left, and continued for months. As many as 14 Americans may have been killed during those searches.

Would these men have done everything they could to survive the five years that Bergdahl spent in captivity, including converting to Islam and taking up arms against America, as he is accused of doing, Kelly asked them.

To a man, they answered “No.” After discussing the Taliban propaganda videos that show Bergdahl engaging in target practice alongside the Taliban, Kelly asks again if the men of that platoon would not have done the same thing he was doing, just to survive.


Again, to a man, “No.”

These six men present themselves extremely well. It’s going to be hard for the left to keep up smearing them. But they’ll try. Clearly, leftists prefer the deserter who shirks his duty and may have collaborated with the enemy, to the men who honored their word and defended America, and are coming forward to defend America against a thoroughly dishonest government now.

Probably, because leftists see themselves not in the brave and honorable men, but in the dishonorable one.

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