Pope Francis Hosts Mideast Peace ‘Prayer Summit’ with Israeli and Palestinian Presidents This Sunday

When Pope Francis visited the Middle East for three days last month he extended a rather unusual invitation to host a weekend prayer summit for Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at his Vatican apartment.


These two leaders, usually at odds with each other, stunned the Pope by accepting his offer. Now, on Sunday, June 8, Pope Francis will take on a new role as Mideast Peacemaker.

One of the first American reporters to talk with the Pontiff this past week at the Vatican was Rita Cosby, Emmy-Winning TV journalist and WABC Radio host.  Cosby told PJ Media, “It is clear Pope Francis cares deeply about peace in the Mideast and would like to do anything he can to assist this very difficult process.”

When asked about the Pope’s message Cosby said, “The Pope’s words were ‘pray, pray, pray’ about the Mideast Peace process.”

So that is exactly what he will be doing on Sunday but with two rather unusual prayer partners, the Israeli and Palestinian presidents.

After having the opportunity to speak with Pope Francis on the verge of this historic prayer summit, Cosby said, “He was extremely engaging and approachable.  Although she has interviewed more than 20 world leaders, including five US Presidents, Cosby called the opportunity to speak to Pope Francis “One of the greatest moments of my life.”


As the Pope requested, let us all pray that Sunday’s prayer summit will be one of the greatest moments of Middle East peace. Perhaps Pope Francis will embody the words of Jesus in the New Testament Book of Matthew Chapter 5 verse 9:

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.”


Rita Cosby with Pope Francis, Courtesy of L’Osservatore Romano


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