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CNN Anchor Flubs D-Day Ceremony: 'That's a split-screen, Christiane!'

CNN had Christiane Amanpour anchor a portion of its D-Day commemoration coverage today in France. Despite her many years in electronic media, Amanpour apparently isn’t very familiar with TV networks’ ability to put the picture from two different cameras on the screen at the same time, using these magical devices called “switchers.”


Amanpour has a deeply joyous personal moment when she sees what she thinks is a picture of President Obama standing peacefully next to Russia’s strongman Vladimir Putin. “It’s incredibly moving. And there they are, together!” she cries. Carol Costello attempts to set Amanpour straight, with limited success. “That’s a split-screen, Christiane!” Costello says.

Amanpour then spins, saying “I know! But everybody here is reacting! The entire place is reacting to that!” Costello points out that the split-screen is coming from French TV.

Sound on the video picks up a smattering of applause at the most.

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