Someone is Telling People In Central American Countries that Now is a Great Time to Sneak Into the United States

Presented without preamble.

McALLEN – Central Americans say news reports in their countries are encouraging them to make the journey north to the United States.

A mother and child told CHANNEL 5 NEWS that the message being disseminated in their country is, “go to America with your child, you won’t be turned away.”


Who is spreading that message? For what purpose?

It’s a dangerous, inhumane thing to do. The mother in this story admitted as much.

The woman, Nora Griselda Bercian Diaz, from Guatemala, said she endured threats from the Zetas and extortion from corrupt Mexican police. She eventually crossed the Rio Grande with her 6-year-old Delmi Griselda Paul Bercian by her side.

She’s lucky to be alive.

Bercian Diaz said she has no family in the United States. Her hope of staying here relies on her little girl. She said the message in her country is that America’s borders are open to all families.

News reports in Guatemala say mothers and small children are getting bus tickets, Bercian Diaz said.

“I said, ‘I need to act right now, because this will end and my girl won’t have a future,'” Bercian Diaz said.

This is too widespread to be an accident. Who is behind telling these people that now is the time to overwhelm the US border?

Whoever is broadcasting this message is probably getting people abused and killed.

Bercian Diaz said they endured harassment in Tampico. She said members of the Zetas drug cartel tried to kidnap them.

“They chased us to kidnap us to request for ransom,” Bercian Diaz said.

She said they barely escaped.

Bercian Diaz said they found corruption in the Mexican government.

“They were asking for 500 pesos, 600 pesos. The federals took that money from us,” she said.

She said the Mexican federal police and immigration officers asked for money to “turn the other way.”

“The immigration officers took 1,500 pesos,” Bercian Diaz said.

She said the threat of rape and kidnapping haunted them every day.

“We were hiding with people in small houses on our way. They were trying to hide from the federal police. I was afraid for my little girl. They can do whatever to me, but not to my little girl,” Bercian Diaz said.


These illegal crossings are already costing American taxpayers — remember them? Obama doesn’t — loads of money to house those who are apprehended. About $2.28 billion in the coming year. It’s a sure bet that for every person caught crossing illegally, many more get in. And it’s just as sure that some are not surviving the harrowing journey. Telling these people that they have some right to cross into the United States against the law is cruel to them and cruel to the Americans who will end up having to care for them. This is also a matter of national security. If moms and kids can get across the border, so can cartel operatives and others with violence on their minds.

So who do you think is behind the message telling people that now, running up to the midterm elections, is the time to swamp the US border and overwhelm our government services? Wasn’t there a strategy along those lines developed by a pair named Cloward and Piven?


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