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Bergdahl: From POW to POS?

Game-changer, if true.

Did Susan Rice know about this when she claimed that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction?”

The narrative that is emerging from this fiasco goes something like this. A young man with John Kerry-esque beliefs walked off sentry duty after renouncing his American citizenship. Only, where Kerry merely smeared his fellow soldiers and tossed his medals aside, Bergdahl took the next leap and put his fellow soldiers in jeopardy trying to find him. The Obama administration moved heaven and earth to get him back, breaking laws and trading five hardcore Taliban commanders for him. At the same time, the same Obama administration was letting honorable veterans die in VA hospitals and paying bureaucrats bonuses to keep that scheme going. And, when confronted with uncomfortable questions, senior Obama admin officials (two of them so far) have knowingly mischaracterized Bergdahl’s service to justify all this effort to get him back.

Let’s top it all off with this: Team Obama expected a “euphoric” reaction to the news that Bergdahl had been released. Seriously. They though this would be good PR that would knock the VA scandal off the headlines. That’s how stupid/immoral/horrible these people are.