Did Obama's Taliban Swap Break the Law? Democrat Law Prof Says...

Yes. Yes it did break the law.

Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley appeared on CNN and told host Carol Costello that President Obama obviously broke the law in getting Bowe Bergdahl out of Taliban hands. Turley adds that Obama is a massive hypocrite for the manner in which he broke the law.


CAROL COSTELLO: “Jonathan, did the White House violate federal law?”
JONATHAN TURLEY: “They did. I don’t think the White House is seriously arguing they’re not violating federal law. To make matters worse, this is a long series of violations of federal law this president has been accused of. I testified twice in Congress about this record of the president in suspending or ignoring federal laws. This is going to add to that pile. I don’t think there’s much debate that they’re in violation of the law. What’s fascinating, Carol, is when this law went to the president, he used a signing statement which, if you recall as a senator, he opposed, and ran against for president. But he actually used one in this circumstance and said, ‘I’m going to sign this, but I actually think that notice requirement is unconstitutional.’ He’s essentially arguing the very same principle of George Bush, that when it comes to Gitmo, he has almost absolute power, that it is his prerogative, his inherent authority to be able to make these decisions as he sees fit.”


Obama knowingly and flagrantly breaks the law because he knows that he can and will get away with it. He knows this because he knows that as long as the Senate is in Democrat hands, Harry Reid will be its leader, and Reid will never take any action to stop Obama from doing anything he wants to do. Obama also knows that even after the Republicans take over the Senate, the first black president of the United States will never, ever be impeached.

So it’s open season on the law and the Constitution.


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