Dem Campaign Arm Launches 'Comprehensive, Unparalleled' Strategy to Reel in Women Voters

A Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee memo this morning outlined how the party plans on making “unprecedented outreach” to women in midterm elections centered around a new Women’s Economic Agenda.


“This comprehensive, unparalleled strategy includes innovative targeting tools, strong female recruits and a robust field effort to connect women with their peers and encourage them to vote in November,” said the memo from DCCC Executive Director Kelly Ward.

Dems are worried about a Women’s Voices, Women Vote projection that there will be 19 million fewer women voters in 2014 than in 2012, with a drop-off of 33 percent among unmarried women.

“To connect with women voters, the DCCC launched our 2014 ‘ROSIE’ Model. Inspired by Rosie the Riveter, the ROSIE (Reengaging Our Sisters In Elections) Model identifies and helps to turn out unmarried women who are most likely to drop-off in midterm elections. We have already begun engaging these potential drop-off voters in a conversation about how this election matters for their lives,” states the memo.

“No one is a better at having that conversation and inspiring women than Leader Nancy Pelosi and the House Democratic women. Leader Pelosi and members of the House Democratic Caucus are launching a national bus tour to meet with women across the country and talk to them about the Women’s Economic Agenda: ‘When Women Succeed, America Succeeds.'”

The DCCC has launched women-to-women phone banks and specific events intended to draw women in targeted districts. “The DCCC is making history with its robust female recruits running in competitive races across the country, as nearly 60 percent of our top-tier Red to Blue candidates are women.”


The Women’s Economic Agenda centers around equal pay, paid family leave, and raising the minimum wage — efforts that have already been undertaken by congressional Democrats.

“While House Democrats and candidates press for policies that will support women and their families, House Republicans continue to alienate women with an agenda that undermines them at every turn. They have blocked equal pay legislation, delayed the Violence Against Women Act for 500 days, voted time and again to restrict women’s health care access and choices, and support child care and family leave policies better suited to the Mad Men era,” the memo states. “The polling is clear: women are responding to Democrats’ message of economic opportunity, and do not trust Republicans.”

“…The DCCC’s aggressive efforts to connect this message with women voters around the country will help turn them out to vote in November.”


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