Media Matters, Other Hillary Loyalists Meet to Make Benghazi Go Away

That’s not how Politico titles its article on the coming Hillary Rehabilitation project, but that’s what’s going on. Benghazi, like much of Hillary Clinton’s actual career, is an inconvenient truth. Everything she touches turns to crap. She wants to be President of the United States. See the problem? Hillary doesn’t.


So she and her loyalists are going to do what they can to control the narrative. They’re kicking the effort off at a Third Way-sponsored gathering this Friday.

Some of the expected attendees of the briefing have been communicating over the last few weeks in calls and through an e-mail listserv, with the goal of keeping the broad-based group informed about the news accounts of the committee’s anticipated activities.

A wide range of people are on the listserv, including people who work for groups like Media Matters, former Hillary Clinton foreign policy adviser Andrew Shapiro, former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor and several current and former Hillary Clinton aides. The universe of invited guests is large, although several people involved in the meeting said many may not attend.

Clinton, several sources have said, devotes a chapter of the book, which is mostly about her time as secretary of state, to the events in Benghazi.

And while the group’s overall goal is to work on several national security policy items, grappling with the House select committee on Benghazi is currently the most pressing of its issues.

The meeting is one in a series that Third Way has convened with Democrats since the George W. Bush era to discuss and shape national security policy. But at least some Democrats involved in the upcoming session are hoping it results in a coordinated and strengthened response to the new congressional probe into the deadly Benghazi attack.


Rest assured, it will. JournoList lives. These people can’t march unless they’re all in absolute lockstep.


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