When You Live Under Sharia, Being 'Happy' Is a Crime

Mashable and Bloomberg report that Iran’s mullahs are unhappy with six Iranians who created a video of Pharrell’s infectious hit, “Happy.”


The video, which has been made private on YouTube on its original channel but has been grabbed and uploaded by others, shows three men and three women dancing to the deliriously joyous song. The women appear to have committed two crimes against the kings of mullahrky — they’re dancing with men, and they’re not wearing hijabs. Crime #3 is enjoying a single moment of life. The “Happy” six are seen dancing around in an apartment and on a rooftop. Their video picked up 200,000 views before the mullahs got mad about it.

Here is a screenshot from the video. Covering this face would be a crime. I’m not even kidding.



The “Happy” six were paraded on Iranian TV this week, as examples of what making the mullahs angry can cost you.

Here’s the video that constitutes a crime against sharia law and all that the mad mullahs hold dear.


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