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Obama Has Something New to Claim that He's 'Mad' About

The Veterans Administration scandal has now spread to a seventh hospital, according to the Daily Beast.

Add Albuquerque, New Mexico’s to the growing list of VA hospitals accused of keeping secret waiting lists to hide delays for veterans seeking medical care. And it may already be too late to get to the truth and find out what harm, if any, was done to veterans there—VA officials are already destroying records to cover their tracks, a whistleblower inside the hospital tells The Daily Beast.

The evidence for this new secret list may be hard to track down, however.

“The ‘secret wait list’ for patient appointments is being either moved or was destroyed after what happened in Phoenix,” according to a doctor who works at the Albuquerque VA hospital and spoke exclusively with The Daily Beast. “Right now,” the doctor said, “there is an eight-month waiting list for patients to get ultrasounds of their hearts. Some patients have died before they got their studies. It is unknown why they died, some for cardiac reasons, some for other reasons.”

There’s no proof yet that veterans died while waiting for treatment, like what allegedly happened in Phoenix. But the doctor says it’s quite possible that some veterans would still be alive if they hadn’t been pushed through a record-keeping trap door that buried their requests for medical care.

So, to mistreatment of our ailing veterans, we can add an actual, active and ongoing cover-up.

But if the past is any guide to the future, President Obama will claim to be “mad as hell” about all this while he actually does nothing at all to remedy it. Unless you count fake-firing someone who was already on the way to retiring, before going out to play more golf. But hey, at least he golfed at a VA course. So, he cares.

The Veterans Administration has always been a mess. It looks like it has become even more of a mess under Barack Obama, because he came to the presidency before he even managed a lemonade stand, he values personal loyalty and ticking the right ideological boxes above basic competence, and because he doesn’t care about our veterans.

The VA has also been a mess because it’s the epitome of a government bureaucracy, where accountability is all but extinct. With Obamacare rolling toward full implementation, the VA is giving us all a hard look at what we call can expect from government-run healthcare in the future. Under Obamacare, you won’t even have to have served our country to get totally screwed over by it.

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