Koch-Obsessed Harry Reid Admits: 'I feel dirty'

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) tells BuzzFeed more than is probably wise in his latest interview. The senator from Searchlight, who is a specialist in gaslighting, tells the scribes that he feels dirty. Rather than become honest or ethical and stop making up lies about Republicans, Harry’s plan to make himself feel better is to try out weaponizing what’s left of the Constitution.


“When I came to Congress, when you got money you had to list who you got it from, what their occupation was, address, and phone numbers if you had it. Then I saw things change. In 1998, [former Sen.] John Ensign and I ran against one another and we spent about $10 million in Nevada,” Reid told BuzzFeed during an interview in his Capitol office.

“Neither one of us outspent the other, but most of the money we spent was corporate money because there was a loophole where corporate money could flow through the state party. That was an election that was awful. I won it, but just barely. I felt it was corrupting, all this corporate money,” Reid added.

Things had changed for the good, he said, by 2004. “I felt so clean and pure with McCain-Feingold, which had come into being, it was wonderful. We were back where we should have been,” he said.

Then the Supreme Court handed down the Citizens United ruling, Reid said, opening the flood gates to hundreds of millions of largely unregulated money to SuperPACs. “It was as if I had jumped into the sewer … it’s awful what has happened.”

Although a number of Democrats, most notably New Mexico Sen. Tom Udall, have talked about passing a constitutional amendment to re-impose campaign finance restrictions, Reid had not been one of them — until now.

“(Former Supreme Court) Justice Stevens gave me the nudge that I needed and that is, ‘Let’s try and pass a constitutional amendment,’” Reid said. Stevens has recently talked heavily about campaign finance in the press.

“We’re going to arrange a vote on it. We’re going to do it until we pass it because that’s the salvation of our country.”


It bears repeating, that Reid cares nothing at all about the billion dollars or so that George Soros has poured into politics and activism. All Soros did was undermine America’s ability to fight and win wars. Reid cares nothing about billionaire Tom Steyer’s stranglehold on the Democratic Party. Steyer is buying foreign policy and energy policy in one swoop, with the $100 million in campaign fund he is threatening to withhold if the Keystone Pipeline is ever approved.

Smarmy Harry doesn’t care a whit about that. He only cares about stifling free speech when it’s used by people who disagree with him. And he’ll smear them if he has to, just as he has done in the past.

“The Koch Brothers, I’m not walking away from them. I’m going to be on their tail for the whole campaign because if they think Romney was watched closely by me, that’s nothing compared to what it’s going to be like with the Koch Brothers. They’re spending money in state party races. They’re going after secretaries of state. They want to do everything they can to suppress voting. They want to do everything they can to go back to that 1980 campaign,” Reid said.

Reid just made up the whole “Romney didn’t pay taxes story” out of nothing. He will do the same to the Koch brothers. They’re big boys, they can handle themselves. But the smear campaign that Reid is about to embark upon ought to be enough for Americans to vote the party that supports him out of its control of the Senate. The nation won’t do well for long with such an un-American thug controlling the Senate.


One other thing. Karl Rove’s “brain damage” comment has some Republicans running skeered and counseling everyone else to play nice. Do ya think Harry Reid intends to play nice?


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