Pelosi: Republicans at 'Their Wits' End' Because of Hillary's Prestige

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Hillary Clinton’s “strength, her popularity, the prestige she enjoys has driven the Republicans to their wits’ end.”


Talking on CNN today, Pelosi said Karl Rove’s speculation about whether Clinton suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2012 “only makes her stronger.”

“When you talk about health here, you’re equating it with age, too. He’s not that much younger. Just a couple, three years younger than Hillary Clinton. Maybe he’s projecting his own weaknesses on to somebody else,” she added.

Clinton is 66; Rove is 63.

Pelosi said Clinton’s “strength, her experience, her stamina, by running for president, by being secretary of State, I feel confident about her ability to serve as the president of the United States.”

She added that she’s still weighing whether House Democrats will participate in the Benghazi special committee, stressing that she wants to negotiate terms for their participation.


And if Clinton is called to testify, Pelosi said, “she can take care of herself.”

“But nonetheless, I’m more concerned about the witnesses they want to interview and not allow us to see,” she said.

“The speaker suggested that we meet before we proceed with this. We haven’t had that meeting yet. So when we have the meeting,” then Democrats will decide, she said.

But Pelosi accused House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) of “trying to avoid the meeting now.”


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