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The Democrats' New Socialist Hero, Thomas Piketty, Allegedly Punches Women

Via Front Page, let’s take a look at the lifestyle of one Thomas Piketty. The Frenchman has written a book that has Democrats from Obama on down a-twitter. The book advocates a soft Marxism, which not only has not slowed the Democrats’ embrace of it. They’re positively in love with it. It’s the kind of book the JuiceVoxers would write if they weren’t so busy explaining stuff to each other.

The man who wrote the Marxist book that’s all the rage on the left is accused of waging a one-man war on women. With his fists.

His glamorous media image and radical ideas have seen him dubbed the ‘rock star’ economist.

But Thomas Piketty – whose bestselling book, Capital In The Twenty-First Century, has been hailed by Unite union boss Len McCluskey and Ed Miliband’s most trusted adviser, Stewart Wood – is actually a woman beater, a ex-lover has claimed.

Aurelie Filippetti, 40, France’s glamorous Culture and Media Minister, had a relationship with Mr Piketty, 42, which she alleges came to a violent end.

A Socialist Party source, who was close to the couple when they shared a flat on Paris’s Left Bank, said: ‘Frankly, she views him as a woman beater who used violence as a solution to their domestic problems. The details of what Thomas did to Aurélie are quite shocking – they drove her to contemplate suicide.

‘Many believed the complaints about Thomas were politically motivated, but Aurelie herself spoke about them often in private. She was desperate to bring Thomas to justice.

‘It was one of the darkest periods of her life.’

Although the pair have both attempted to keep their private lives a secret, records show that on February 6, 2009, Ms Filippetti attended a Paris police station to lodge a complaint about an attack.

Soon afterwards Mr Piketty was investigated for ‘violence between domestic partners’ – a crime that carries a jail sentence of up to 14 years.

Police also confirmed  that the accusations included Ms Filippetti ‘having been hit’ and that she had  a medical examination.

Mr Piketty was formally charged on March 17, 2009. But the politician then asked for the charges to be dropped – apparently because she did not want her daughter Clara, now 15, to hear details of the claims.

Mr Piketty – a professor at  the Paris School of Economics – originally described the claims  as ‘stories from the gutter’.

A spokesman for Ms Filippetti said: ‘Mr Piketty has recognised the facts of the violence against Ms Filippetti  and apologised, so in the interests of the families  and children she did  not proceed.’

Now, Piketty says that there was nothing to the charges. Such a denial may prompt his alleged victim to re-think dropping the charges. She doesn’t have to worry about the kids finding out the details, not with the story going global.

Chances are, if he used his fists against one woman, he used his fists against others.