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Carney: We Dispute Your Obamacare Enrollment Numbers But We Won't Tell You What Our Numbers Say

Today’s White House press briefing was filled with moments of low comedy. Spokesman Jay Carney’s head kept bobbing into a position that turned the sign behind him, which reads THE WHITE HOUSE on one line and WASHINGTON DC on the second, into a graphic that said WHITE WASHING — as he whitewashed the recent email and testimony on Benghazi.


Early in the presser, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked about the Obamacare enrollment numbers. Todd’s question was based on a study that finds that only 2.45 million Obamacare enrollees paid their first premium by April 15, which calls President Obama’s 7.1 million enrollment figure into question.

Carney treated the administration’s Obama enrollment data as if it’s an unknowable on a par with the meaning of life itself.

Look, the Obama government has been scooping up our cell phone metadata for years. Surely it has Obamacare enrollment numbers by now.

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