Caption Contest: Obama Bows To Japanese Robot


Credit: Breitbart


In the “you just can not make this stuff up” category is a headline today on Drudge Report: “U.S. President Bows to Japanese Robot.”

The Drudge link is to a Breitbart piece that begins:


During his visit to Tokyo, President Obama had a chance to meet ASIMO, a Japanese humanoid robot. ASIMO, an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, exchanged bows with the president before demonstrating that it could kick a soccer ball.

Yes, we realize that bowing is a Japanese custom, however, because President Obama has a history of bowing to men and now machines, our contest provides an opportunity to apply some of your creativity to his diplomatic style.

Here are some other “vintage” images for you to caption if our president bowing to a robot does not entirely satisfy your creative needs.

bow 5




bow 3


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