'Praise Jesus!' MSNBC Gets Religious Over Obama's 'Equal Pay' Gig

I’ve often described MSNBC as a religious broadcaster. It doesn’t do news, it doesn’t allow any fact to challenge its dogma. It just sings hymns and broadcasts sermons to worship its god.


Mika Brzezinski attended President Obama’s “Equal Pay Day” event Tuesday. She was enraptured.

SCARBOROUGH: “Speaking of women, yesterday, big event at the White House. You were there along with Valerie. And a lot of other people. And of course, the president. Tell us about the event.”

BRZEZINSKI: “So this is the east room of the White House. And it was sort of like a church revival. I’m telling you, every time the president made a comment about why women should be paid equally to men. Equal pay for equal work, talking about the same jobs. You’d hear like ‘okay.’ Clapping, and almost like ‘praise Jesus.’ It was fun.”


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