Need To Visualize Your Junk Science Climate Hysteria? There's An App For That

Sad little people.

A prototype app called Looking Glass brings the issue of climate change home, allowing smartphone users to see projected sea-level rise in their own town.

The app is not yet ready for the public and currently only works for people in the coastal village of Wickford, RI. But creator Eli Kintisch is hoping to expand its reach. We definitely think this needs to be done.


There is something deliciously mock-worthy about a zillion oh-so-concerned climate evangelists getting panicky about “ZOMG-TEH SEA LEVELZZZZZZZ!” by looking at a smartphone app. One can almost imaging Bloato the Gore sharing this ominous view of the future with other passengers on one of his many fossil fuel gorging airplane jaunts around the globe.

Hey, if it scares a hippie long enough for him to stop bothering me for a Greenpeace donation, I’m in.


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