Predictably, 9th Circuit Court Grants Planned Parenthood Motion On Arizona's Morning After Pill Law


A federal appeals court has granted a preliminary injunction to temporarily block the country’s most stringent restrictions on the use of abortion drugs.

In the latest in a series of court fights over Arizona abortion laws, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted Planned Parenthood Arizona’s motion Wednesday.

The court is expected to decide whether to continue or lift the stay as early as Monday.

The prominent U.S. women’s health organization filed an appeal after a federal judge in Tucson refused to stop the new rules, just hours before they were to take effect Tuesday.

The rules banned women from taking the most common abortion-inducing drug — RU-486 — after the seventh week of pregnancy.

Existing rules allow women to take the abortion pill through nine weeks.


Abortion activists are just like the alleged “voting rights” crowd-they see any restrictions as bad. These people aren’t going to be happy until there are no time limitations. They are actually the extremists in this debate, even when compared to most of the European countries that leftists hold so dear.

And wasn’t RU-486 first sold to the public as a solution for dealing with the consequences of unwise sexual encounters? Does it really take a couple of months to regret a one-night stand?


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