Seven Million? Who Does the Obama White House Think They're Fooling?

A few months back, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius stated for the record that 7 million Obamacare sign-ups by the end of March would constitute success. She was clear about it.


But then February came, and February always stinks. It’s just a lousy month. You’re tired of winter, you’re still miles away from spring, and no one was signing up for Obamacare. That 7 million figure looked totally unreachable. So Sebelius does what every other member of the Obama administration does when confronted with inconvenient facts. She lied.

In a Tuesday appearance on HuffPost Live to discuss outreach to African American communities, Marc Lamont Hill asked Sebelius about Vice President Joe Biden’s acknowledgement that the administration may not reach the 7-million mark, but may see 5 to 6 million Americans enrolling by the end of next month.

“First of all, 7 million was not the administration,” Sebelius said. “That was a CBO, Congressional Budget Office, prediction when the bill was first signed. I’m not sure where they even got their numbers. Their numbers are all over the board. The vice president has looked and said it may be closer to 5 to 6.”

Monday night, March 31st’s deadline loomed, and lo and behold, the Lightworker worked a full blown miracle.

President Obama is going to make a statement about Obamacare this afternoon. He’s likely to crow about that number that just magically appeared last night.


That number is so raw and unfiltered that it’s meaningless. Supposing that it’s even a real number and not something that this dishonest cabal just made up.

First, there are the cancellations. Fox counted up all the cancellations in each state that are directly attributable to Obamacare and came up with 6.2 million. Subtract that from the 7 million sign-ups and we’re at less than 1 million.

Some number of those who had their insurance killed by the man who promised they could keep it would have been expected to sign-up for a new plan within Obamacare. That RAND study we reported on Monday finds that two-thirds of Obamacare’s “new”sign-ups come from Americans who previously had health insurance. By that reckoning, then, maybe two million sign-ups under Obamacare are actually from people who did not have insurance previously. Then, we have to take into account that of the final number, some unknown number of them have not paid their first premium. The White House has claimed that it doesn’t even keep track of that number — even though it’s the most important number when counting sign-ups. Customers who have not paid have not actually bought the product. They’re not really enrolled. Additionally, some of those who lost their plans because of Obamacare have not been able to buy new plans. They were insured. Now they’re uninsured. Some of those who did pay their first premium failed to pay their second. Will Obama take any of these losses against the claimed 7 million into account?


So whichever way we go, the real number of new sign-ups is far lower than the 7 million goal that Sebelius stated and then denied, and about which the Obama administration is now crowing. President Obama, who is probably the most dishonest man to ever hold the White House, will come out this afternoon and crow about a false and deliberately falsified number. He will know that the number he is bragging about it is false. The media will know it too, but most won’t bother to do the math.

When the Democrats passed Obamacare, they claimed that it would do two things. It would help (or force) the uninsured to get insurance. It would also reduce costs for the average American family. Obama directly promised that it would reduce premiums for American families by as much as $2500 per year.

Judging Obamacare by its original criteria, not the sales job that Obama and his hirelings are using now, Obamacare is a failure. Costs have gone up. The number of uninsured after Obamacare will still be in the tens of millions. And the employer mandate has not even kicked in yet.


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