RNC Says It's Changing Party's Color to Blue

The Republican National Committee announced this morning that they want to be the blue party from now on, and Democrats can have red.

“The RNC has made a commitment to attracting new voters and revitalizing the image of the Republican Party,” said Reince Chairman Priebus. “This unprecedented color swap sends a clear signal that we’re serious about change—and that we’re making a clean break with the recent past. After careful consideration and analysis, guided by two focus groups of working women in Colorado and Virginia and a poll of Millennial voters, we determined that becoming the party of blue would improve our standing in 2014, 2016 and beyond.”


Priebus said Democrats can now “be the party of red, which is much more in line with their record and values.”

“After all, they are the party of red tape, red lines, and red ink. They’ve driven our country deeper in the red, and the DNC itself is swimming in red ink: they’re still $15 million in debt. In other words, this color swap is both beneficial and logical,” he said.

“As recently as the 2000 election, Republicans, like other major conservative parties in the world, were more closely associated with blue. Mainstream media outlets like the New York Times then decided to paint us red. We’ve had enough of the media’s games and are reclaiming the color blue.”

The RNC’s link to a picture of the new party logo went to an April Fool’s message, though the statement was released on March 31.


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