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Epic Video: Meet the Victims of Obamacare

Democrat Harry Reid said that these people don’t exist.

The Obamacare deadline to enroll hits on April 1, 2014. Well, sort of — the Obama administration delayed that deadline last week, the 36th such delay not allowed by the plain text of the law.


While the media will focus on how many Americans have enrolled in Obama’s signature law, that reporting obscures the fact that signing up is mandatory for Americans who did not have coverage. It also obscures the number of victims that this law has created. There are millions of them.

When Obamacare formally debuted on October 1, 2013, failed to handle the traffic. The poorly designed website was launched incomplete, without the means to fully process insurance enrollments. Millions of Americans found themselves getting kicked out of the website, often after spending hours attempting to get through the process.

For many other Americans, successfully enrolling in Obamacare — which the law forced them to do, or pay fines — just brought on more problems. Grabien has compiled an amazing montage of the victims of Obamacare. These Americans were promised that they could keep their healthcare, only to find their policies canceled, and new Obamacare policies costing them more and covering less.

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