You Won't Believe What the US State Department Did to 'Support' Ukraine

Russia has already invaded Ukraine once (recently) and lopped off the valuable Crimea, making it now a part of Russia itself. Russia is also massing an estimated 80,000 troops and armor on the border at strategic points. What Ukraine could probably use right now is some weapons. A lot of weapons. Bullets and bombs. Guns. Tanks. Airplanes. Troops who know how to use them.


Instead, what they’re getting from the mighty United States of America’s Department of State is a Twitter hashtag.

I wish I was kidding.

This is literally the dumbest, least serious thing that has ever come out of this administration. And that’s saying a whole lot.

If Putin sends in the troops, a whole lot of people are going to die as Russia extends its territory. NATO will be forced to decide whether it’s relevant or not. The Pax Americana may come to swift and bloody end.

But hey, hashtags!


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