Obama and the Pope Differ on What Was Said In Their Meeting. Who are You Gonna Believe?

It’s a toss-up, really.

President Obama’s first meeting with Pope Francis produced a little schism of its own.

The Vatican and White House gave starkly different versions Thursday of Mr. Obama’s meeting with Francis.

The president’s account downplayed the Catholic Church’s concerns about religious freedom in the United States and Obamacare’s mandate to pay for contraception.

The Vatican, however, issued a statement after the meeting saying the president’s discussions with Francis and two other top Vatican officials focused “on questions of particular relevance for the [Catholic] Church in [the United States], such as the exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection” — issues that have fueled divisions between Mr. Obama and the church.

Although Mr. Obama wanted to highlight his bond with Francis over questions of economic inequality and helping the poor, Obamacare’s mandate for employers to pay for birth control gained more attention.


Obama can’t blame the difference on his political staff. He offered a full quote directly contradicting the Vatican.

So who should we believe — the man who about a billion people believe is infallible? Or the man known for lying to everyone when he said, repeatedly, that if they like their health care they can keep it? Should we believe the man who wants to take people’s hard-earned property and “spread it around” to help out his political ideology, or the man who sneaks out at night to give out of his own pocket to the poor?

Tough call.

So, the president who spent 20 years listening to the likes of Jeremiah Wright is now lying about the Pope.

There literally is nothing left that Barack Obama will not lie about.


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