UC Santa Barbara Sort Of Apologizes For Psycho Prof Who Attacked Teenage Pro-Life Demonstrator


The California school that employs a professor accused of attacking a teen-aged pro-life demonstrator has issued an apology…sort of.

In a long-winded 1,000-word letter that reads more like a diatribe than a mea culpa, University of California at Santa Barbara Vice Chancellor Michael Young eventually conceded that women’s studies professor Mireille Miller-Young should not have snatched a pro-life sign from 16-year-old Thrin Short, giving backhanded praise to the framers of the Constitution.

“Our Founding Fathers – all white men of privilege, some even slave owners – got it right when designing the First Amendment of the Constitution,” Young wrote in an open memo to the student body.

The price of freedom of speech, Young was enlightened enough to acknowledge, is that students, staff and faculty must tolerate “outside groups and individuals coming here to promote an ideology, to promulgate particular beliefs (at times extreme beliefs), or simply to create discord that furthers a certain personal agenda.”

“Some passionately believe in their causes, while others peddle hate and intolerance with less-than-noble aims,” Young added, mentioning “evangelical types.”


Leftists (especially academics) are rarely sorry for their un-American behavior, they’re just sorry when they get caught with bad optics. Like an alleged grown-up ripping a sign from a 16 year-old girl’s hand while berating her as she exercises a Constitutional right.

That the Vice Chancellor had to get in a dig at the Founding Fathers before he could say anything nice about them show just what a pathetic bunch of pukes are running higher education in this country.

Quick question for the readers: are there any feminist studies professors who aren’t angry all the time?!?


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