Another Case of Voter Fraud in a Texas Democrat Primary?

On its website, the Texas Democratic Party is soliciting stories about voter fraud. The TDP is against the state’s voter ID law. It wants to use those stories to fight that law. We’ve preserved the page in a screenshot, just in case the TDP changes their minds. Click to enlarge.




Here’s a story about voter fraud that the TDP probably won’t be interested in. It’s the second story — today — alleging voter fraud in a Texas Democratic primary, in totally different parts of the state. The one common denominator here is that we’re talking about Democrat primaries.

The Monitor reports:

Jacqueline Garcia and her husband Ricardo Garcia don’t know who cast ballots in their names from Weslaco in last November’s election, both testified Monday.

The Garcias, who live in Mercedes, said they first discovered they had voted in Weslaco when photos of their applications for mail-in ballots appeared on local Facebook gossip page “Weslaco Cheezmeh.” Documentation showed they had voted by mail from 316 W. Los Torritos, a house in the city’s District 5.

Both said they didn’t even know where that address was — and didn’t recognize their signatures on the ballot applications and ballot envelopes. But there was one clue: Jacqueline Garcia’s sister, Illiana Guerrero, the girlfriend of Lupe Rivera Jr., the son of the District 5 city commissioner who was up for re-election.

“I’ve asked my sister, because obviously she’s the only link between me and Mr. Rivera and she denied it,” Jacqueline Garcia said in court Monday.


It might not be the sister. The fraudster might be Rivera himself, according to one voter.

Andres Martinez told the court that Commissioner Rivera came by his house before the election and filled out his mail-in ballot for him. Then Rivera took the ballot with him.

“So you understand me better, the only thing I did was sign — that’s the only thing I did,” Martinez said through a translator. “He took it with him, so I don’t know whether he mailed it or not.”

Martinez’s testimony echoed that of at least four other witnesses, who testified that either Lupe Rivera or Lupe Rivera Jr. had come over to their houses, helped them fill out applications to vote by mail and the ballots themselves and mailed them.

Or the fraudster could be a vote broker.

Jose Luis Martinez Jr. and his father Jose Martinez Sr. live permanently on a family ranch in Mercedes, but voted in Weslaco’s District 5 last year when they stayed briefly — the son said a month and his father said eight days — with family there, both told the court.

“When we were living there, some lady showed up at the door and said ‘Y’all want to vote?’” the younger Martinez said.

He said he told her no, because he lived in Mercedes, and she said it didn’t matter, that it was “worth a try.” So he and his father both voted from the home of their relatives.

Both testified that they voted for Lopez, adding strength to a statement from Hinojosa that if voting improprieties occurred, Lopez’s campaign also benefited.


So there were multiple election law violations on both sides. That’s great.

Would it be unkind to suggest that the reason that Democrats oppose election security measures such as voter ID, is because those measures would prevent them from cheating — even against each other?


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