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VIDEO -- Joe Biden Nominates Non-Catholic Barack Obama for 'Sainthood'

I’m not even sure that this needs much set-up. Joe Biden is talking and saying ridiculous things to praise his incompetent boss. It’s also a day in which the Russians are causing trouble, and a day that ends in y. Dog bites man.


BIDEN: “My boss, my friend, Barack Obama is an incredibly patient man. I suggested after going through the first couple of weeks [of Obamacare’s botched rollout] I would nominate him for sainthood as he kept his patience. But you know, it got off to a slow start. The president was as frustrated as anyone you ever knew, but it is basically fixed.”

I don’t think Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ treats sainthood the same way Biden’s Catholic church does. But never mind that.

What Obama exemplifies is neither patience nor leadership. A real leader would have held those who failed to get off to a good start accountable. He would have fired people. He would have apologized to the American people for wasting our time and money.

He would not have turned the American presidency into an insurance sales gig.

Of course, a real leader wouldn’t have lied to get the law passed in the first place.

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