Telemundo Anchor Telegraphs 'Controversial' Moves Obama Will Make on Immigration

President Obama will stir up controversy if Congress does not pass an immigration law that he wants between now and the mid-term elections. That’s the word from Telemundo TV anchor Jose Diaz-Balart.


He made his comments on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show Thursday.

Obama has ordered a “review” of existing immigration laws that some suggest is an effort to further water down standards for deporting illegal aliens.

Maddow asked Diaz-Balart, “What do you expect from this review that the president has ordered? How much can he do without Congress?”

Diaz-Balart answered: “I think he’s going to wait. I think he really has a lot more hope than you just expressed. And quite frankly, I agree with you. There’s very little possibility that we’re going to see, in the House of Representatives, some meaningful immigration reform package come out of there.”

He continued: “I think he’s going to wait until August. If nothing is done in the House, I wouldn’t be surprised if he starts making some very controversial executive orders to mitigate the pain of millions of people who face deportation.”

Diaz-Balart did not elaborate on what “controversial” moves the president might make.


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