Open Thread: Step Away From Your Computer To Be More Productive...On Your Computer

Suspicions confirmed.

Everyone makes mistakes when it comes to technology. Some are terrible at doing regular data back-ups because it’s not a high priority (you know who you are). Many have hundreds (thousands?) of emails sitting in an inbox right now. And, as I’ve mentioned before, there are those who skip using any form of virus protection — which means, you’re living on a razor’s edge.

Yet, there’s one mistake you’re probably making right now that is much more serious. It’s one that could be causing serious health problems like depression and anxiety. And, someday — in the not too distant future — it could play a role in workplace lawsuits, new employment laws and technical restrictions.

The problem: You’re not taking enough breaks from the computer.


This is something I have been actively working on recently. I have been on the road doing stand-up for almost all of my adult life and never had to worry about regular workplace things too much. In the past year, I began doing a lot of freelance writing which means I am staying home working at my computer.

A host of nagging orthopedic ills immediately presented themselves, so I began forcing myself to get up and move around more. That helped…a little.

I was still spending far too many hours staring at the computer. When you’re self employed it’s easy to make excuses for living at your desk. So I have been setting strict time limits for how long I should be there each day (while keeping up the breaks to move around). As if by magic, I am getting my work done in around half the time.

Full disclosure: giving up all non work related social media for Lent has helped a lot.



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