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Look Out: Jesse Jackson Eyes a New Industry to Shakedown in the Name of 'Diversity'

Toyota 2.0?

Rev. Jesse Jackson plans to lead a delegation to the Hewlett Packard annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday to bring attention to Silicon Valley’s poor record of including blacks and Latinos in hiring, board appointments and startup funding.

Jackson’s strategy borrows from the traditional civil rights era playbook of shaming companies to prod them into transformation. Now he is bringing it to the age of social media and a booming tech industry known for its disruptive innovation.

Let’s be honest, Jackson is never really in it for anybody else these days. His endgame here is sure to have a “Jesse Jackson’s bank account” component to it.

What this article fails to explore is that Silicon Valley and its driving industry are reeking with leftists who are supposed to be great lovers of diversity (as well as being (as well as being part of the Bay Area Progressive mother ship). Why on Earth would there be a lack of it, what with all of the latter day code hippies milling about the enviro-friendly tech campuses?

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