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Photo Caption Winner: ‘US Capitol Goes Dark Thousands Lose Power’ and a Video Surprise Too!


Credit: BuzzFeed


Our writers exceeded the judge’s high expectations with their bright entries for our dark photo caption contest.

We even had a grand prize winner who is a contest newbie and that is Makster with his entry:

US Capitol goes dark. America’s future is bright.

So thanks, Makster and we hope that you will continue playing along with our loyal readers who light up the web with their hilarious captions.

Here are the other entries that shined like stars over the dark Capitol.

Our reining Caption King, Chris Henderson had several creative entries:

Don’t panic. Obama’s teleprompter has its own back-up generator.

D.C. switches to Solyndra – loses A.C.

“If you like your electric power, you can keep your electric power.”

RockThisTown  (another Caption King )had three winners:

Democrats’ plan for 2016 – keep America in the dark.

Obama turns the lights  out so no one can see the latest unemployment numbers.

What happens when government redistributes light.

JRSWINE won with two catchy captions:

Perfect time to pass that Immigration Bill.

We have succeeded in lowering our carbon footprint.

At The Rubicon won with:

Thousands Lose Power. Women and Minorities Hardest Hit

David 77 gave us:

Don’t worry. With Pen and a Phone Obama will light the way (with his brilliant intellect)

Zip Code cracked up the judges with:

That should teach them not to buy a toaster made in China.

See you all next time a photo is worthy of a PJ Media Caption Contest!

But wait..if you call right now… (just kidding about calling) but do check out this video.

It takes you inside the twisted mind of a young left-leaning liberal who was once an Obamabot but now has turned against her beloved leader.

Watch how she burns her Obama campaign T-shirt in a rant where you will learn more about what young voters are thinking than any hand-picked focus group.

And yes, please comment and name this video.

Video hat-tip: BizPac Review

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