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Mary Landrieu...Koch Addict?

From Lachlan Markay at The Washington Free Beacon:

A Democratic Super PAC is attacking a Republican Senate candidate for his supposed ties to libertarian philanthropists Charles and David Koch even though their company’s political arm has donated tens of thousands to the Democrat in the race.

Senate Majority PAC has strong ties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), who has frequently attacked the Kochs, going so far as to label them “un-American” on the floor of the Senate.

The group is now attacking Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D., La.) opponent, Rep. Bill Cassidy (R., La.), for his supposed ties to the Koch Industries owners.

“Out of state billionaires spending millions to rig the system and elect Bill Cassidy,” the ad says, showing pictures of the Kochs and a stat on ad spending in the race by Americans for Prosperity, to which the Koch brothers have donated.

“Their goal: Another politician bought and paid for,” the ad says ominously. “Their agenda: Protect tax cuts for companies that ship our jobs overseas.”

However, Sen. Landrieu has received $27,000 in campaign contributions since 2000 from Koch Industries and its subsidiaries and employees, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Koch’s political action committee has given Landrieu’s another $35,000, including $15,000 during the current election cycle, making the company one of her PAC’s top 20 donors.


The Left’s constant caterwauling about the Koch brothers’ political money is uninformed and lazy. The GOP’s lack of effort to point it out is frustrating (but what’s new there?).

First, “Americans For Prosperity” does not mean “Koch money”, it means “Some Koch money”. True, the Koch brothers helped established AFP, but only with the stipulation that they wouldn’t fund it in perpetuity and would continually reduce their financial stake in the organization.

Second, the money from various Koch-associated sources has, as pointed out in the article above, often flowed to Democrats.

The first step is to expend the minimal effort it would require to uncouple the AFP car from the Koch train, as some bloggers have tried to do.

Reject the premise.

A friend named Andrew used to say that all the time.

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