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Ohio School Suspends 10-Year-Old for Making a Gun with His Fingers

Zero tolerance/zero common sense strikes again.

A ten-year-old Ohio boy was suspended from schoolafter a teacher caught him brandishing a “level 2 lookalike firearm.” What lookalike firearm was this, you ask? Well, Nathan Entingh got in trouble after he pretended to use his finger as a gun. Yep, his finger.

The principal for the Devonshire Alternative Elementary School has reportedly warned students about using “pretend guns” before, though Entingh claims that other students caught doing the same thing weren’t suspended for three days like he was.

His father said they could have just given him detention or an in-school suspension, but to suspend him for that length of time is just “very excessive for what he had done.”


A 10-year-old boy making a gun with his fingers should not be a punishable offense at all.

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