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Public Radio Network Calls James O'Keefe 'Radical'

In a brief report on allegations that Battleground Texas has engaged in an illegal data-mining operation connected to its voter registration drives, Texas Public Radio notes that the Democrat and Obama-aligned group has been referred to the Bexar County district attorney for investigation. The group’s alleged data-mining activities took place in the county.


The activities were unearthed by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, which uses undercover reporters to obtain video evidence of wrongdoing. Undercover video is a commonly used tool in news gathering; CBS’ 60 Minutes was once renowned for capturing government and corporate officials admitting to or engaging in illegal or immoral activities. O’Keefe has used the technique to uncover widespread misbehavior in ACORN, forcing the left-wing activist group to rebrand itself, and in some cases government offices that funded the group have pulled that funding.

Texas Public Radio’s Ryan Poppe writes:

Abbott asked the Bexar County district attorney to take over the investigation because of Wendy Davis’ connection to Battleground Texas — Davis is Abbott’s likely opponent in the general election. The investigation started with a complainant that surfaced from another undercover video put out by the radical blogger James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. (emphasis added)

Poppe provides no evidence to back his editorial claim that O’Keefe is “radical.” The public radio network just states it as fact. Additionally, O’Keefe is not a blogger. He leads a group that produces undercover news gathering.


Poppe’s characterization of O’Keefe as “radical” may violate TPR’s values. According to its 2011 Annual Report, which is the most recent one available online and covers fiscal year 2010, Texas Public radio’s values include “respect[ing] diverse points of view,” and “facilitat[ing] civil and constructive discourse.”

Texas Public Radio serves central Texas including San Antonio and the Hill Country. It is funded via a combination of memberships, private and corporate donations, and some public funding. It airs several National Public Radio programs, which are also funded in part via government money.



Source: TPR 2011 Annual Report

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