Lobbyist Jack Burkman has the Dumbest Idea You'll See This Week

Is this a stunt, some idiot lobbyist’s idea to get back at gay marriage supporters, or what? Whatever it is, you can’t pass laws banning people from playing football because they’re gay. Can’t, shouldn’t, won’t happen.


Washington lobbyist Jack Burkman on Monday said he is preparing legislation that would ban gay athletes from joining the National Football League.

Burkman in a statement said he has garnered political support for the bill, though his statement didn’t mention any specific lawmakers who are behind it.

”We are losing our decency as a nation,” Burkman said in a statement. “Imagine your son being forced to shower with a gay man. That’s a horrifying prospect for every mom in the country. What in the world has this nation come to?”

Burkman said he came up with the idea after college football star Michael Sam publicly revealed he is gay a few weeks ago. If drafted, Sam would be the first openly gay player in the NFL.

Of course he did. Does Burkman know about Robbie Rogers, the LA Galaxy soccer player who is gay and played last season? It being soccer, probably not. Hardly any American pay attention to the MLS. But it happened, and the only question that arose was why were the Galaxy still playing him late in the season when it was pretty clear that he wasn’t pulling his weight? His being gay had nothing to do with that; his being past his prime and the Galaxy’s shallow bench did. None of the adult players on the professional team were complaining about the showers.


Burkman is a Republican lobbyist. His little effort is probably going to be used to paint every Republican as a bigot and set the cause of protecting Christians and churches from lawsuits over same-sex marriage back a bit. He says the idea is meant for his clients to show how conservative they are to their home districts. All that will do is broaden the brush with which the left will paint his clients and the entire GOP as bigots.

Burkman’s clients should fire him.


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