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Wendy Davis Doesn't Know that a Doctor Is a Doctor

Democrat Wendy Davis, who you might have heard is running for governor of Texas, had a chat with the Austin American-Statesman’s editorial board Wednesday. The subject of that abortion law she filibustered last summer came up, as one might expect. Davis wasted no time getting a major fact about it wrong.


First, she said that her position on abortion hasn’t changed, despite filibustering the law that she now says she could support part of, and claiming to be “pro-life” despite her reputation for supporting late-term abortion.

Then, she said this, about the legislature that passed that law.

What I shared with the News yesterday was about my concern about allowing the Legislature to create language to accommodate those exceptions  is that they wont get it right. We’re not doctors, we’re not supposed to be, and that this decision should remain where it is today, with a women and her doctor to make.

The Statesman let Davis get away with stealing a base there. The law that Davis filibustered was co-sponsored in the Texas Senate by Sen. Donna Campbell. While Wendy Davis is no doctor, Dr. Donna Campbell certainly is. She’s an ER physician. Hopefully I don’t have to point out that Dr. Campbell is also a woman.



So the law that Davis opposed, claiming that the decision should be left up to doctors and women and not the legislature, was sponsored by a legislator who is also a doctor and a woman.

The media here and around the country never get around to pointing any of that out.

Davis also adopted a media and Battleground Texas line that doesn’t wash.

Texas is not really a red states [sic], it’s just a non-voting state

On her campaign’s partnership with Battleground Texas.

“As you know we’ve created a partnership with Battleground Texas to really help talk to, motivate and turn out the base vote in Texas. Their perspective on this is one that I share, and that is that Texas is not really a red state, it’s just a non-voting state. Their model is a very sound one that invites people in their own communities to talk to each other about the things that are at stake, talk to each other about what they want to see in their next governor  and invite each person to participate in making that reality.”


Question: What percentage voted in New York’s most recent mayoral election, the one that put socialist Bill De Blasio into office?

Answer: 24%.

So, by Wendy Davis’ reckoning, New York isn’t really blue, it just doesn’t vote.

Funsies: The New York Times described De Blasio’s victory as a “landslide.” How do you get a landslide when 76% of the “land” doesn’t move at all?

By the way, the law that Davis opposed enjoys 62% support in Texas, and has majority backing from the women that Davis claims to stand with (by opposing what they support). Davis is either confused about a great many things, or is exhibiting Obama-level slipperiness and dishonesty.

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