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What's This? No More Flappy Bird?

The creator of the mega-hit mobile app Flappy Bird has pulled it from both the iTunes and Google Play universes.

The game’s creator kept his word and pulled down the mobile hit on Sunday, ending a short but incredible climb up the charts on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

The game’s official pages on both stores have been pulled, and any sight of Flappy Bird on the top Games charts has been scrubbed.

Fans of Flappy Bird who still have the game on their smartphone or tablet can still play. Others who later deleted the game should be able to download the game again by accessing their purchase history on either iTunes or Google Play.

The removal of the game followed a tweet by Nguyen on Saturday, saying he planned to yank the popular game from app stores. “I cannot take this anymore,” he wrote.


The free game shot to the top of both iTunes and Google Play stores over the past week, hitting number one. The developer said last week he was making $50,000 per day on ads displayed in the game. But all the attention it was bringing him was ruining his life.

So now it’s gone from both stores, but if you have it installed you can still play it. If you installed it but deleted it, you can still get it from your download history. But new players are out of luck, at least for now.

Phones and tablets with the life-destroying Flappy Bird app installed are asking insane prices on eBay.

Just so folks know, I have a nearly new Android phone with Flappy Bird installed. Make me an offer…

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