Forget Jobs And The Debt, Lawmakers Are Totally On This Washington Redskins Thing


Two U.S. lawmakers on Monday rejected the National Football League’s claim that the Washington Redskins name was an honor to Native Americans and urged the sports league to recognize it as a racial slur and back changing the name.

In a letter to the National Football League, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrat from Washington state, and Republican U.S. Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma criticized the league for defending the name.

“The terminology used by the Washington football team has been determined to be a slur,” the lawmakers said.


Thank you, Word Police. This jihad being waged against the Redskins owner, fans and the NFL in the name of political correctness is wearisome. This is the kind of crap people to do feel good about themselves in lieu of getting off of their you-know-whats and actually doing something helpful.

These wars against select words and phrases will also eventually be the death of free speech in this country.

Forget all of that though, the fact that two members of Congress wasted any time to address this is laughable. This country is careening towards any number of precipices, none of which can be avoided by making sure we work on language sensitivity.



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